Copperfields Hairdressing & Beauty Prices

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Senior Consultant

Principal Consultant Salon Director
Cut & Style


43.00 48.00 53.00 58.00
Restyle/Long Hair 48.00 53.00 58.00 63.00 68.00
Styling 23.00 26.00 29.00 32.00 35.00
Styling - Long Hair 28.00 31.00 34.00 37.00 40.00
Mens Cut & Style 27.00 31.00 35.00 39.00 43.00
Hair-Up 33.00 38.00 43.00 48.00 53.00


COLOURING * (excludes cutting or styling)



  Stylist Consultant Senior Consultant Principal Consultant Salon Director
Toner 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00
Semi Permanent from 36.00 39.00 42.00 45.00 48.00
Permanent Colour from 44.00 47.00 50.00 53.00 56.00
Foils and Global Colour from 64.00 67.00 70.00 73.00 76.00
Long/Thick Hair 10.00 Supplement


  Stylist Consultant Senior Consultant Principal Consultant Salon Director
Parting Section Foils 40.00 43.00 46.00 49.00 52.00
Half Head Highlights 55.00 58.00 61.00 64.00 67.00
Full Head Highlights 70.00 75.00 80.00 85.00 90.00
Long/Thick Hair 10.00 Supplement


  Stylist Consultant Senior Consultant Principal Consultant Salon Director
Bespoke Balayage from 90.00 95.00 100.00 105.00 110.00
Half Head Balayage 75.00 80.00 85.00 90.00 95.00
Root Colour (add on) 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00
Bleach and Tone 90.00 95.00 100.00 105.00 115.00
Long/Thick Hair 10.00 Supplement

* Please add price of blow dry or cut and blow dry to technical service. Skin sensitivity test required 48 hrs prior to colour application


SPECIALIST *(excludes cutting or styling)

Smoothing Treatment from 60.00
Permanent Wave from 55.00
Hair Extensions POA
Colour Correction POA

* Please add price of blow dry or cut and blow dry to technical service

TREATMENTS * (salon exclusive)

Olaplex from 15.00
Kerastase Fusio Dose 13.00
Kerasaste Fusio Scrub 5.00
Kerastase K Water 5.00





File & Polish 19.50

Spa Manicure


Spa Pedicure


Shellac Manicure


Shellac Removal



Calgel is an extremely hard-wearing gel, it acts as a shock absorber on the natural nail preventing
chipping and cracking. Tips can be applied to add length or Calgel can be applied directly onto the
natural nail. Removed properly, Calgel will not cause damage to the natural nail.

Extensions (tips) £48.00
Infills £31.00
Overlays £30.00


Eyelash Tint* 18.50
Eyebrow Tint* 16.50
Eyebrow Wax 16.50
Any 2 of the above 25.00
All 3 of the above 35.00
Express Semi-Permanent Lashes (includes removal) 41.50
Length, Volume & Lift! 39.00


Spray Tan 25.00
Make Up (Freelance MUA) 35.00



Full Body 56.00
Back, Neck and Shoulders 39.50


Reflexology 49.50
Ear Piercing 28.00


1/2 Leg 22.00
3/4 Leg 25.00
Full Leg  30.00
Basic Bikini 17.50
Extended Bikini 23.00
Brazilian 32.50
Hollywood 32.50
Underarm 15.00
Forearm (including fingers) 18.50
Full Arm (including fingers) 23.00
Lower Back  14.00
Nape of Neck 12.00
Lip 14.00
Chin 14.00
Nostrils 12.00
Ears 12.00
Full Face (lip, chin, brows & cheeks) 30.00
Eyebrow Wax 16.50
Eyebrow Wax & Tint 25.00
HD BROWS* 31.00
Any 2 waxing services  20% reduction
Any 3 waxing services  25% reduction
Any 4 waxing services 30% reduction


BT Therapeutic 

Using microcurrent technology our non-surgical face lift tones and tightens the muscles
of the face and neck reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By re-educating the muscles
via electrical currents this treatment is literally like the gym for your skin!

  • 75min treatment £73.00
  • 45min treatment £53.00
  • Course of 6 for price of 5* (package must be paid in full at time of purchase)

Microneedling £98.00

Collagen Induction Therapy is a highly effective technique in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles,
scarring, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. Using a roller of very fine needles we stimulate
collagen production. The ultimate treatment for skin rejuvenation!

Dermaplaning £38.00

An advanced exfoliation technique using a surgical blade to remove dead skin cells a vellous “peach
fuzz” hair from the face. This allows for increased product absorption and a super smooth canvas for
your makeup application.

Callus Peel £32.00

The number one foot treatment for tackling hard skin and cracked heels! This Lactic Acid based
treatments dissolves built up hard skin allowing for a painless and easy removal. Fabulous feet in


Dermalogica Skin Treatments

Pro Skin 60 £58.00

60 minutes of skincare bliss. A targeted and personalised skin treatment incorporating all the
Dermalogica Proskin modules.

Pro Skin 30 £39.00

Targeted skincare for the time-conscious. Focussing on your main skin concern this 30 minute
treatment gives maximum results in minimum time.

Pro Peel 30 £53.00

A 30 minute skin peel treatment completely customised to your skin requirements. Using the
Dermalogica Pro Peel solutions our experts are able to tackle skin complaints such as dullness,
pigmentation, aging and breakouts.

Pro Peel £93.00

Enjoy the same benefits of a Pro Peel 30 but with the addition of relaxing touch therapies and
extended time for targeted treatment.



Renew £90.00

Exfoliation from head to toe, this signature treatment focuses on cell renewal leaving you perfectly
polished and glowing all over!

  • Rapid Reveal Peel facial – one step below a chemical peel this skin treatment will leave skin
    looking brighter and smoother.
  • Aromatherapy body scrub – hand made in-salon with oils blended to your personal preference.
  • Callus Peel - Intensive treatment to remove hard skin and treat cracked heels.
  • Includes personalised aromatherapy scrub to take home.

Retreat £90.00

Completely customised to your needs this sensorial journey will leave you feeling more relaxed than
ever before. The ultimate antidote for stressful living!

  • 1⁄2 Body Aromatherapy massage using hand-blended oils to suit your needs.
  • Dermalogica facial treatment.
  • Mini reflexology.
  • Includes personalised aromatherapy oil to take home.

Recover £90.00

Relaxation and detoxification rolled into one! With lymphatic drainage and skin renewal at the heart of
this signature treatment you are sure to leave feeling better than ever!

  • BT Therapeutic drain & refine facial - mini non-surgical face-lifting treatment to tone and de-puff.
  • Detoxifying back treatment – cleanse, exfoliate, extractions and mud mask.
  • 1⁄2 body hot stone massage.
  • Includes Dermalogica sample pack to take home – exfoliator, mask, sound sleep cocoon

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By giving us your email you agree that we may send you monthly emails showcasing team and product news and offers.

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